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Our video booth recording system which runs on off-the-shelf PC hardware running Microsoft Windows.

Key Features

  • Support for any DirectShow compatible capture device as the recording source. From web cameras connected by USB or firewire to broadcast SDI sources connected to a suitable capture card such as a Blackmagic Design Decklink.
  • Sound recording from either the video capture source (including support for pure interleaved sources – i.e. DV camcorders) or an alternative audio input device.
  • Full controls for supported camera drivers including stream control (resolution and frame rate), camera control (iris, focus, etc..) and video proc amps (gain, colour balance, etc..).
  • Camera preview to screen while recording including mirror mode (horizontal flip).
  • Support for record start / stop triggering and review control from multiple interfaces simultaneously including keyboard, touchscreen, Velleman K8055 USB IO boards (for illuminated buttons) and mode idle timeout.  [Coming soon:  Serial (data or DSR/CTS TTL signal), ethernet (UDP/IP) and MIDI].
  • User prompting by on-screen instructional graphics and audio playback.
  • Automatic management of video clip archive folder and file structure plus support for multiple drives (e.g. main and overflow).  Advanced features include drive selection with regular expressions and drive sorting.
  • Extensive configuration GUI allows setup technicians to change most operational parameters to suit any given installation envrionment requirements.  All based around Digital Antics’ own flexible video kiosk mode state machine model.
  • Friendly maintenance console mode allowing management staff to query diagnostic information including status of drives.
  • Detailed event logging to local log files for post-event analysis.

As seen at...

  • Channel 4 television building (London) as part of Mark Titchner's Big Art Project installation.


The recording booth outside Channel 4 television HQ.